Complete Discography
New Wood

New Wood Original Release: 1974
CD Release: September 1994
Label: Philo Records

All songs written by Si Kahn

  1. Gone Gonna Rise Again
  2. Backroom Lady
  3. Like Butter Loves Bread
  4. Brookside Strike
  5. Better Half of You
  6. Talking Politician
  7. New Year's Eve
  8. Mervin Barr
  9. Truck Driving Woman
  10. Blue Ribbon for the Boys at the Bar
  11. Lawrence Jones
  12. First Time at a War
  13. Moonshine Man
  14. Aragon Mill
  15. Rack 'Em Up Eddie
  16. Curtains of Old Joe's House
  17. Sunrise

Si Kahn (lead vocals, guitar, harmony vocals, fiddle)
John McCutcheon (Appalachian dulcimer, mandolin, harmonica, guitar, banjo, harmony vocals, chorus)
Jon Sundell (autoharp, guitar, banjo, harmony vocals, chorus)
Rich Kirby (mandolin, guitar, harmony vocals, chorus)
Jimmy Baird (electric bass)
Jack Wright (electric bass, chorus)
Tom Bledsoe (chorus)