Complete Discography

Home Original Release: 1979
Label: Flying Fish Records

All songs written by Si Kahn

  1. Spinning Mills of Home
  2. Queen of the Cowboy Cafe
  3. Motherless Child
  4. 300 Miles From Hazard
  5. If I Live
  6. Goodbye Monday Blues
  7. When the Morning Breaks
  8. Diamond on the Rails
  9. Goodbye Joe
  10. Slip Away
  11. Seeds of Children
  12. Union in My Soul
  13. Xmas/No Place Like Home
  14. People Like You

Si Kahn (vocals, guitar)
John McCutcheon (fiddle, harmony vocals, dulcimer, banjo)
Sonny Houston (bass)
Rich Kirby (harmony vocals, mandolin, banjo)
Howard Levy (harmonica)
Claudia Schmidt (harmony vocals)
Phyllis Boyens (harmony vocals on "Slip Away")
Rebecca Bryant (harmony vocals on "Slip Away")