Complete Discography
Carry It On

Carry It On Original Release: 1986
CD Release: September 1992
Label: Flying Fish Records

  1. Step by Step (Trad.)
  2. Talking Union (Trad. - Almanac Singers/Stormking Music/ASCAP)
  3. Harriet Tubman (W. Robinson/Shawnee Press, Inc)
  4. Bread and Roses (M. Farina - J. Openheim/Farina Music)
  5. I'm Gonna Be an Engineer (Peggy Seeger)
  6. John Henry (Trad.)
  7. Black, Brown and White Blues (B. Broonzy/W. Broonzy - MCA Music)
  8. Hurry Hurry Hurry
  9. Hayseed Like Me (Trad.)
  10. De Colores (Trad.)
  11. Carry It On (G. Turner/Melody Trail, Inc.)
  12. Aragon Mill (S. Kahn/Joe Hill Music)
  13. Union Maid (W. Guthrie/Ludlow Music)
  14. Popular Wobbly (F. Fisher - T. Slim)
  15. Soup Song (M. Sugar)
  16. No Nos Moveran/We Shall Not Be Moved (Trad.)
  17. I Am a Union Woman/Which Side Are You On? (Trad., M. Jackson - F. Reece)
  18. Joe Hill (E. Robinson - A. Hayes/MCA Music)
  19. Somos el Barco (L. Wyatt/L. Wyatt)
  20. He Lies in the American Land (Trad., A. Kovally, Trans., P. Seeger)
  21. Solidarity Forever (L. Chandler - F. Petric - S. Rogers - P. Seeger - M. Taylor - R. Chaplin)

Si Kahn (lead and harmony vocals, acoustic six-string guitar)
Jane Sapp (lead and harmony vocals, piano)
Pete Seeger (lead and harmony vocals, banjo, acoustic twelve-string guitar, soup bowl)
John Miller (acoustic and electric bass)
Arien Roth (acoustic and electric six-string guitar, electric bass on "Union Maids")
Fred Hellerman (synthesizer)