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In My Heart

In My Heart Original Release: 1994
CD Release: June 1994
Label: Philo Records

All songs written by Si Kahn

  1. Gone Gonna Rise Again
  2. Aragon Mill
  3. Mississippi Summer
  4. Farewell to Ireland
  5. Gentle With Me Darling
  6. What You Do With What You've Got
  7. Last Good War
  8. The Senator
  9. Brookside Strike
  10. Luray Women
  11. Children of Poland
  12. What Will I Leave
  13. Cold Frosty Morning
  14. Wild Rose of the Mountain
  15. Rock Me, Roll Me
  16. Molly in the Mill
  17. Curtains of Old Joe's House
  18. People Like You
  19. Crossing the Border
  20. Welcome to the World
  21. Detroit, December
  22. If I Live
  23. Lady of the Harbor
  24. In My Heart

Si Kahn (vocals, guitar)