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I Have Seen Freedom

I Have Seen Freedom Original Release: 1991
CD Release: September 1992
Label: Flying Fish Records

All songs written by Si Kahn

  1. I Have Seen Freedom
  2. Nobody's Body But Mine
  3. Engagement Song
  4. Old Jack Davey
  5. Going, Going, Gone
  6. John Brown
  7. Dreamers
  8. Black, Red, White and Blue
  9. They All Sang "Bread and Roses"
  10. Woman to Woman
  11. Love is the Quilt
  12. El Norte
  13. Where Have All the Good Times Gone
  14. Queen of the River
  15. Walking Down the Road
  16. Season of Peace

Si Kahn (vocals, acoustic guitar)
Cathy Fink (harmony vocals on "Woman to Woman")

Rajesh Bhat, Laurel Blaydes, Janet Braun, Pat Callair, Ruth Harvey Charity, Mary Cliff, Karen Collins, Tim Coulter, Freyda Epstein, Fred Feinstein, Ken Giles, Martie Harris, Sam Herrman, Peter Jones, Steve Jones, Carol Elizabeth Jones, Rabbi Benjamin M. Kahn, Simon Kahn, Shiela Kahn, Roslyn Kaiser, Pete Kuykendall, Kitsy Kuykendall, Jean Mackey, Kamau Marcharla, Marcy Marxer, Tom Moran, Luci Murphy, Vivek Pandit, José Peña, Ron Pollack, Sarah Pollack, Mario A. Posas, Pattie Postel, John Robinson, Lois Roisman, Steven J. Schmidt, Saul Schniderman, Kathy Sreedhar, Joe Uehlein, Diane Walder, Mike Zook