Si Kahn Lyrics


Abe Lincoln Walks Tonight

The long night falls on cannonballs
That stack upon the White House lawn
Like sentries posted just before the battle
The air is harsh with sounds of guns
The country torn, the death of sons
The cannon's roar, the saber's angry rattle
     A quiet man, a lonely man
     Abe Lincoln walks tonight

Affairs of state the wheel of fate
The devil's dance of luck and chance
Have picked you out to lead where men will follow
And while you deal with complex things
Alliances and deals with kings
The bodies mount at Gettysburg and Shiloh
     A thoughtful man, a troubled man
     Abe Lincoln walks tonight

And if you could come back again
And see the mean and selfish men
Who deal in lies and compromise the nation
Would you consider all the pain
The battles fought the loss and gain
Still worth it for the Union's preservation?
     A tired man, a lonesome man
     Abe Lincoln walks tonight


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