Si Kahn Lyrics


Playing the Old Songs

-- For John McCutcheon, Jack Wright and Rich Kirby

  Liner notes by Kathy Mattea

     . . . Si captures the simple, deep joy in shared musical connection and celebration beautifully in this story. Music is sustenance for hard-working people, a language that connects us to each other and our shared history, and renews this man for the next leg of his trip.    Read the rest


I've been a trucker for most of my life
Can't tell you the places I've seen
I've pushed this old diesel from east coast to west
And about every place in between
The pleasures are many for a truck driving man
I've tasted them all in my time
But of all of my good times the one I like best
Is playing the old songs with old friends of mine

I left West Virginia to fight in the war
It's 32 years I've been gone
I wish I could stay here a few nights at least
But I've got to start driving at dawn
Making a living is hard work at best
But you know that it eases my mind
To know I can always stay here for the night
Playing the old songs with old friends of mine

John, take down your banjo from the nail on the wall
Jackie, come rosin that bow
Rich, hit us a lick on that sweet mandolin
We'll play every tune that we know
When the sun hits the mountain I'll be on my way
Got a long way to go down the line
As the miles slip by me I'll smile to think
Of playing the old songs with old friends of mine


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