Si Kahn Lyrics



  Liner notes by Kathy Mattea

     This is the moment where we get to see most clearly the passion that fuels Si's life's work, through song, and story, and plain old elbow grease. Si is a master at shining a light on injustice, and holding it there.    Read the rest


The man called T. Don Hutto
Must have been some kind of man
'Cause he's sure got
A man-sized share of fame
It's not just anybody
Gets their name put on a building
Where children are held prisoner
In their name

     The town of Taylor, Texas
     Is not an hour from Austin
     But when you're there
     You're in a world away
     Look inside the prison yard
     Just beyond the chain link fence
     You will see young children
     At their play

You might well stop and ask yourself
What have these young children done
To be sentenced to such painful
Loss and fear
It's all because their parents
Were caught here without documents
Like 12 million others
Living here

     Now you may think all immigrants
     Should go back where they came from
     And if they don't --
     Hell, let 'em rot in jail
     But if it was your own daughter
     In a cell at T. Don Hutto
     With her child in her arms
     How would you feel?

What would you say if your own four-
Or six- or eight- or ten-year-old
Was growing up in prison
Like these kids
Since when in the United States
Do we put kids in prison
Because of what we say
Their parents did

     Call it 'family detention'
     Say "We do it for the children"
     You're lying to yourself
     Down to the roots
     But call it playing politics
     With children's lives and sanity
     You're getting somewhat closer
     To the truth

So if you're down in Austin
Take the highway out to Taylor
Bring some good friends with you
For the ride
You might even wear a flag pin
To show you still believe in
The dream for which so many
Fought and died

     Step out onto the highway
     Turn to face the prison
     Stare at those walls
     'Til you forget your name
     Say a prayer for T. Don Hutto
     Say a prayer for all those children
     Then close your eyes
     And hang your head in shame


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