Si Kahn Lyrics


Molly Maguire

  Liner notes by Kathy Mattea

     The Molly Maguires in Eastern Pennsylvania, whose desperation spilled over into rage and ultimately violence. They paid the ultimate price for trying to fight for a decent wage and basic human rights. We see their fear and defiance, all melded together. We glimpse their human-ness, which reflects our own.    Read the rest


Down in the darkness
Down at the breaker
Close on the midnight hour
Steadily working
Quietly leaving
Trailing a thin line of powder

     The little Schuykill Valley town
     Is all lit up tonight
     By flames that lick like tongues
     From the breaker fire

     The tight-lipped Coal and Iron Police
     Won't get much sleep tonight
     Looking for the Sons of Molly Maguire

Down in the tavern
Banded together
Strong men are hiding their sorrow
Over at Pottstown
There at the prison
Ten men are hanging tomorrow

     I only tried to organize
     The men I worked among
     But I'm hanging in the morning
     Will you miss me
     And Monday early, so they say
     The mines will open back
     The Coal and Iron Police
     Are drinking whiskey

Down in the darkness
Standing together
Ten mine are lined on the gallows
Holding a red rose
Waiting for sunrise
King of the Mollies
Jack Kehoe

     The trap is sprung
     And Molly's sons
     Are traveling into time
     Murdered by the men
     Who hope to hang her
     But the unborn souls of union men
     Are all with her tonight
     And the Pennsylvania pits
     Are dark with anger


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