Si Kahn Lyrics


Stones in the Furrow

  Liner notes by Kathy Mattea

     "Stones in the Furrow" lays out the fundamental theme running through this album [...] These are people who don't have easy choices, whose lives are squeezed down, people caught between a rock and a hard place.    Read the rest


Stones in the furrow
Rocks in the field
Can't hardly keep the plow from breaking
I could be there riding
All around these fields
Boss of any thing worth taking
Shotgun on my shoulder
Whip in my hand
Keep the mule in the furrow
And the cropper on the land

     On this old river
     On this plantation
     In this dark season
     On this long night

Stones in the graveyard
Rocks in the fence
'Surround the bones of those who bore me
I can see their faces
Rising up like questions
All along the road before me
With nothing to count on
But their hard-working hands
They were trampled like the cotton
And broken like the land

     What do you do
     When you're walking down the track
     One train coming towards you
     Another at your back
     What do you do
     When you're finally forced to choose

     When either way you win
     Either way you lose

Stones in the pathway
Rocks in the road
My friends and family have to travel
If I go with them
If I go against them
How will they speak my name tomorrow?
All you can count on
When your final crop comes in
Is the harvest that gets gathered
By your neighbors and your kin

Even if you're broken
At least you won't be shamed
You know some day your children
Will be proud to say your name


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