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“This fatly tracked sampler culled from the recent 5 cd box set of his European recordings finds Kahn at 75 still full of piss and vinegar knowing how to present it in a way that’s never strident or preachy. An American songwriting treasure that’s more Pete Seeger than John Prine, especially vocally, it’s smart to accept the invitation to celebrate with him and really take care of your folkie, singer/songwriter sweet tooth. A solid set that really makes you wan tot dig in and have it all.” – Midwest Record Review

Best of the Rest includes four songs from each of the five albums that Si recorded in Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands: In My Heart (1994), Threads (2002), We’re Still Here (2004), Thanksgiving (2007), and Aragon Mill: The Bluegrass Sessions (2013). Artists on these albums include the Kruger Brothers, before they moved to North Carolina, Germany’s The Looping Brothers, Liz Meyer, and blues great Scott Ainslie.

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