Silver Spoon in Cambridge, MA

Si sat down recently with Kate McNally, host of The Folk Show on New Hampshire Public Radio, to talk about his exciting new musical, which debuts Thursday, May 19th at the Central Square Theatre in Cambridge.

For tickets and showtimes visit the Central Square Theatre website.

Si’s new musical debuts in Cambridge, MA!

Silver Spoon, a new romantic musical comedy with music and lyrics by Si Kahn, book by Amy Merrill, and orchestration by five-time Tony nominee Larry Hochman, is a love story about the dividing lines of heritage and class. Set in the late 1960s against the background of the grape boycott led by Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta and the United Farm Workers of America, it’s about parents and grandparents who, proud of the institutions they’ve helped build, want their children and grandchildren to carry on after them – and, in the process, to justify the lives they’ve lived and the choices they’ve made.

But, for the grandchildren and children, “going into the family business” just isn’t enough, whether that business is a multi-national brokerage firm or “the Party,” a political organization working for a more just world. They share the vision and passion that is part of their history, but they have ideas and lives of their own.

In Silver Spoon, the struggle to honor your family commitments, while still becoming the person you want and need to be, rages through the generations, and across the lines of class and ethnicity – and across the East River.

For ticket information visit the Central Square Theatre website.

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