Si wishes everyone all the best for the New Year

Dec 31, 2021

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All the best for the New Year

Here’s a toast to the New Year, and to all of you for whom my music has mattered. May 2022 be a happy, musical year for you and yours, with a little more peace and justice and much more health for this battered world we share.

My wish for all of you for the coming year comes in the form of my song “New Year’s Eve” from my very first album New Wood, released all the way back in 1975 as an LP on June Appal records, part of Appalshop in Whitesburg, Kentucky, and re-released as a CD in 1994 (Rounder/Philo 1168, also out of print). You can read the lyrics below.

This year we travel across the pond to present a version of “New Year’s Eve” by the Scottish brother band The McCalmans, from their 1993 Greentrax Records album Honest

“New Year’s Eve”
(c) Si Kahn, Joe Hill Music LLC (ASCAP)

I have seen you tossing restless
Between midnight and day
Paying back the debts of many years
Staring out the window
’Till the mist has burned away
Waiting for the sun to dry your tears

I’ve seen you young
I’ve seen you old
I’ve seen you lost and found
I’ve seen you sit and cry
Without a sound

I’ve seen you in the lamplight
With the hard lines in your face
The shadows of your fears upon the wall
But crying is no weakness
To lose is no disgrace
You see we’re not so different after all

You can tell
By the ringing bell
The old year’s moving on
I’d like to say one thing
Before it’s gone

May whatever house you live in
Have flowers by the door
Children in the bed to keep you warm
May the people there accept you
For who you really are
Help you find some shelter in the storm

And morning rain
To ease the pain
That comes with being free
May the New Year bring you freedom
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