The Europe Sessions Box Set



Strictly Country Records (SCR) in The Netherlands has been Si’s main record label for more than 25 years, ever since 1993 when he recorded In My Heart in the North of that county, produced by SCR’s Pieter Groenveld. Pieter and Si met at MerleFest in 1992 and they’ve been great friends ever since. Si honored Pieter on his recent album Best of the Rest, writing:

This album is dedicated to Pieter Groenveld of Strictly Country Records in The Netherlands, the best friend anyone could ever ask for, without whom none of this would have happened.

The five CDs in the box set are those Si recorded in The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland over the last 25 years:

  • In My Heart (1993): Just Si, his voice and guitar playing in a farmhouse in the north of The Netherlands.
  • Threads (2002): Recorded with the Kruger Brothers back when they were still living in Switzerland, before they moved to the U.S. and became Si’s near-neighbors in North Carolina.
  • We’re Still Here (2004): The late great bluegrass songwriter and singer Liz Meyer is featured on this CD along with Joost van Es, fiddle player with the legendary Dutch bluegrass band 4 Wheel Drive.
  • Thanksgiving (2007): Recorded in The Netherlands with the Dutch duo Ygdrassil, featuring Linde Nijland and Annemarieke Coenders.

•Aragon Mill: The Bluegrass Sessions (2013): Recorded in Germany with the German bluegrass band The Looping Brothers. This is the only CD of the five that’s not out of print.

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Si Kahn at 75: The Europe Sessions is $30 a copy plus $5 postage (USA); $10 (Canada and Mexico); $14 (outside North America)