Signs of the Times (1986)

Original Release: 1986
CD Release: June 1994
Label: Rounder Select
Songs written by Si Kahn and John McCutcheon



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Long Time Traveling/Long Time Friends
Government on Horseback
One Thin Swimsuit
Welcome to the World/Willie’s Waltz
By the Side of the Road
Let’s Keep It Straight
One Strong Arm
Signs of the Times
No Mas
The Senator
Music in Your Hands
If I Were a Featherbed
Friend and Companion
Suprise, Suprise, Suprise
Here Is My Home


Si Kahn (vocals, guitar)
John McCutcheon (vocals, banjo, fiddle, hammer dulcimer, piano, guitar, synthesizer)
Cathy Fink (harmony vocals, banjo)
Pete Kennedy (mandolin, guitar)
Michael Monagan (bass)
Tom Jones (drums)
Bryan Smith (bass on “Government on Horseback”)
Howard Levy (piano, harmonica on “Music in Your Hands”)