Good Times and Bed Times (1994)


Original Release: 1993
CD Release: September 1993
Label: Rounder Select
All songs written by Si Kahn



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No More Bedtimes
Eight O’clock Midnight Snack
I’m Not Gonna Go to Sleep
I Can’t Hear My Parents Call
Under the Bed
Brush to the North
You Gotta Have a Peanut Butter Song
Bark in the Dark
Will You Remember?
I’m Gonna Stay in the Bathtub ‘Til the Soap Disappears
What’s That Noise
Underneath the Covers With My Flashlight On
One Glass of Water
Shine On
No More Bedtimes (reprise)


Si Kahn (vocals)
Robbie Magruder (drums)
Rico Petrucelli (electric bass)
Dave Kane (piano, synthesizer)
Pete Kennedy (electric and acoustic guitars, dog barks, tenor banjo)
Jerry Bowles (emulator: strings, tuba, horns, chewing, bubbles, fife)
Terry Leonino (vocals)
Marcy Marxer (mandolin, long neck mandolin, vocals)
Cathy Fink (five-string banjo, guitar, kazoos, washboard)
Mike Stein (vocal)
Hal Trapkin (snare drum, sound effects, bells)

And the Critton Hollow Stringband:
Sam Herrmann (hammered dulcimer)
Pete Gordon (guitar)
Joe Fallon (bass)
Joe Herrmann (fiddle)