Companion (1997)


Original Release: 1997
CD Release: September 1997
Label: Appleseed Records
All songs written by Si Kahn

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Bone to Bone
We Have Come a Long Way
Shines in the Light
Burning the Fields
Another Year
Sailing Down the Hudson
When the Shore is Out of Sight
Friend of Mine
Love Like Freedom
Journey Through This Life


Si Kahn (vocals, guitar)
Marcy Marxer (bazouki, tin whistles, harmony vocals, guitar, percussion, mandolin)
Cathy Fink (harmony vocals, guitar, banjo)
Charlie Pilzer (bass)
Ysaye Maria Barnwell (harmony vocal, harmony drones and tones on “Journey Through This Life”)
John McCutcheon (hammered dulcimer on “We Have Come a Long Long Way”)
Bruce Molsky (guitar on “When the Shore is Out of Sight”)
Jim Robeson (electric bass on “Warriors”)