Learn how Art Works in Si Kahn’s June Newsletter

Jun 21, 2023

Ken Grossinger’s powerful forthcoming book Art Works provides the focus for Si Kahn’s June Newsletter. The late Harry Belafonte wrote “My life as an activist and my life as an artist are inseparable. Ken Grossinger reveals the power generated when these two strands intertwine. The stories and strategies he illuminates cast light on a path to social justice.”

You can read Si’s newsletter online at https://madmimi.com/p/e1d9961?pact=63646-174181478-11136155593-2dc1618720fc0d025f291a33ab8ebacc0251535a

One can pre-order Art Works from https://bookshop.org/p/books/art-works-how-organizers-and-artists-are-creating-a-better-world-together-ken-grossinger/18631053?ean=9781620976722